Why Choose WMS?

Choosing a supplier of used high quality window machinery is a balancing act. Do you choose the cheaper option or pay that little bit more for a machine of a higher quality?

How do we at Window Machinery Search differentiate ourselves from others...



We strive to provide our customers with a great service, which starts from our website. We have designed the website from the ground up and it has seen a few developments to make it easier for customers to find the machine they desire. The website allows users to find the machine by brand or type any time of the day. Other items we sell, such as brand new consumables, can be found along the left hand side. We strive to innovate the website and any recommendations on how to improve the site are welcome!

With a constant flow of machines brought and sold, updating the website could be seen as a never ending task. However, with our back catalogue of over 1000 machines sold and our twitter feed this task is not as time consuming as it could be. New stock is uploaded to the website and notified on our twitter feed. Once machines are sold they are removed from the website in most cases within 24 hours (unless new stock of the same model is due in). The Window Machinery Search twitter feed allows us to promote the customers we have sold machines to as well as advise potential new customers of new stock that has just arrived. 

Generally we like to upload pictures of the actual machines we have for sale. However, often the machines do not come in the same condition as we like to sell them. In these instances we upload pictures of the same model of a machine that we have sold before. Our back catalogue of sold machine pictures allows us to easily upload machines for sale. 


Machine Refurbishment

All machines are checked over for any defects and are reported. Although I cannot give too much information away on our companies operation processes, I can say that we are a group who like to innovate our methods to make the refurbishment easier and quicker. Machines are individually stocked and assigned a stock number. Machines are assigned their own specific parts trolley so that we know that all parts that are required are there.

We also take many photographs of the machines for future reference. Videos are also uploaded to our very own Window Machinery Search YouTube channel. This helps you reduce engineers costs after any agreed warranty has expired, as we are able to help you as much as possible by cross referencing with you pictures and videos of the machines we have sold you. Our customers all over the world are particularly found of this.

Please note you might find other websites using our pictures. Check out the background, if its a white brick wall with either a grey or red floor, and the pictures are of a good quality, the chances are these are our machines we have taken photographs of ourselves.



Last but no means the most fundamental part of a business is the staff. Without happy staff a business would not succeed. We are an easy going, no pressure family run company who only want what is best for you.