Magnetic Roller - 600mm wide - Pays for itself!


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Product Code  MAGWCCQQ84
Model:  600 Wide Magnetic Roller
Year:  Brand New

Nails, screws, swarf, blasting shot, grinding and foundry dust, off cuts, punchings and many other types of metal waste and debris can damage machinery, floors, plant and personnel.
Spread outside they immobilise vital transport, penetrating tyres and causing punctures, usually miles away from base.

These magnetic sweepers offer an effective and inexpensive solution to all these problems.
They are very powerful and will collect all ferrous metals and many grades of stainless steel, from any surface, wet or dry.

Workshops and yards can be cleaned thoroughly and quickly and the collected waste disposed of safely.

A handle operated release mechanism drops the waste into a neat pile which can then be swept up, using the built in collection tray and brush (not included).

A substantial aluminium casting houses very powerful permanent anisotropic ferrite magnets, which retain their power for 50 years. Adjustable for height and fitted with large front wheels and rear castor, complete with collection tray and brush, these machines are extremely maneuverable and will cope with bulky waste and uneven surfaces.


This magnetic roller is 600mm in width and has the following specifications:

Cleaning capacity: 3,9000 m/2 per hour
Operating speed: 4 mph
Magnet width: 600 mm
Overall width: 740 mm
Magnetic area: 1,200 cm/2
Ground clearance: 35-95 mm
Wheel diameter: 250 mm
Weight: 36 kg

Product Code: MAGWCCQQ84


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