Elumatec DG 79 6m long with Digital Readout - 380mm Blades


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Product Code  2750
Make:  Elumatec
Model:  DG 79/32
Year:  2001
Machine Video:  view video
Actual Machine Picture(s):  NO - Library Picture

The Elumatec DG79 is a very popular and sought after double mitre saw.

This newer version features the larger 380mm blades. The maximum length of cut is 6m wide.

This version features a manual handle head movement operation. You wind the handle on the movable head to a desired length. The digital readout gives you an accurate cutting length.

The picture shown is one of our library pictures of a previous DG 79 we have sold with a 4.5m long bed. The video link is also a library file. This is for illustration purposes only.

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Product Code: 2750

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