Elumatec DG 244 Compound Double Mitre Saw with E550 Controller - #2733


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Product Code  2733
Make:  Elumatec
Model:  DG 244
Year:  2002
Actual Machine Picture(s):  NO, Manufacturers Website Picture*
Other info:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1aD9bzTEDx0&t=50s

We have just taken in stock the exceptional Elumatec DG 244 compound double mitre saw, one of the most sought after saws on the market. 
This is a top of the range machine and according to the elumatec website* the machine has the followiing capabilites:

"The universal pivoting and tilting of both saw heads allows cutting of high and wide profiles as well as compound mitres.

The well-proven elumatec principle of "sawing from below" enables optimum loading and unloading of profiles by freely accessible support table areas.


Technical information:

Minimum cutting length: 375 mm at 90° and 45°

Pivoting range inwards: pneumatically 90° - 45 (manually up to 22.5° inwards and up to 140° outwards with digital display)

Tilting range inwards: pneumatically 90° - 45 (intermediate angles manually adjustable with digital read–out display and turret stop)

Saw blade diameter 550 mm

Spindle speed 2,250 r.p.m."

*Source: http://www.elumatec.com/EN/Produkte/index.html

The pictures shown are from the manufacturer. The actual machine photos will uploaded in due course. The video link is of one we have sold before.

Product Code: 2733


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